Pasion for conducting high quality clinical trials.

We all together for a healthy future.

PCR is a clinical research site entrusted in supporting the sponsors in the search of a experienced research team. We know that conducting clinical studies plays an important role in the development of new drugs; and the ethical conduction of the same ones is the key to assure information of high quality that complies with the regulative requirements and satisfies our moral responsibility with the society.

We work as a whole with the pharmaceutical industry and the specialists, facilitating the interaction and assuring the confidentiality and responsibility.


PCR was created in response to the needs of medical personnel professionally qualified and specialized in the accomplishment of clinical research of high standards of quality in Mexico. Our principal function is to lead clinical studies collaborating with the pharmaceutical industry and governed under the procedures dictated by the different regulative, both local and international entities; protecting rights, safety and well-being of the subjects in research.


To safeguard before, during and at the conclusion of a clinical study the integrity of the patient leading in a simultaneous way the clinical studies; searching compliance to the protocol and to the local and international regulations; providing attributable, legible, contemporar y, original and exact information.


Are the principles by which we are governed.